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Positive support for people with bipolar disorder
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This community is for those who want a bit of change from all negativity of other communities. Doesn't mean you can't post about your bad day. We'll support you all the way. But please, post about your good days too. What did you do to overcome your bad days? No matter how big or small, remembering your accomplishments can make a big difference. Struggling with bipolar is tough, but it can be overcome. I'd like this community to highlight both sides of the struggle--the good and the bad. Let's share stories about our successes and downfalls and show each other some positive support. Let's learn and educate each other about our disorders. Meaningful discussions of the whys and wherefores of things are also welcomed. (Forgive me if I sound like a therapy session--been in therapy for 5+ years, it grows on you :) )

Some rules:
-Please keep the posts in this community private.
-You can discuss medications, side effects, etc., but keep in mind that everybody reacts differently to different meds. These psychotrophic drugs are not your everyday Tylenol. Please do not suggest anything about changing meds other than "Talk to your doctor."
-Respect people and their choices.
-None of us are medical professionals, and even if we were, we couldn't provide much help from a distance and not knowing your day to day life. I could give you the scientific side of things and theories of mechanisms of drugs to your heart's content (at times more than some doctors), but I know nothing about their medical application. Please talk to your doctor/therapist if you need any medical advice.
-If you are suicidal, feel free to post here. But please call your doctor or a suicide helpline first, e.g. 1-800-SUICIDE. And if you are in a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Any suggestions as to more I could add?